Andrya began her path as a healer in 1989 by attending the McKinnon Institute in Oakland, CA for massage therapy. In 1991 she became a Reiki master which began her love for energy healing.  This love for Reiki soon lead her to begin teaching it to others.  Her passion for healing others inspired her to study additional healing modalities for assisting her clients not only physically but emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  She has studied pranic healing, spiritual dowsing, guided imagery, shamanism and flower essence therapy to name a few. In 2005 she attended the Hypnotherapy Training Institute for hypnotherapy and has studied past life regression therapy with Brian Weiss. 

Andrya’s energywork assist in balancing the flow of energy in and around the body by removing  energy blockages.  Energy healing can assist in accelerating the healing process, creating a greater sense of wellbeing and increasing your ability to handle stress with greater ease. 

In her sessions she works with the chakras, which are like storage centers in our body that can store energy and energy patterns. Sometimes we store these energies deep in our chakras and in our aura and these unresolved energy patterns can create imbalances in our mind and body.  In order to locate energy blockages, she scans the aura and chakras and then cleanses, energizes, and revitalizes the problematic area through various healing modalities. Energywork is a way in which to balance the energy in the energy field and body and assists us to live a more balanced and fulfilled life.


Andrya’s love for flower essences inspired her to create a line of transformational  sprays for enhancing your life.  These sprays consist of flower essences and essential oils to give you that added boost for making your life feel easier.

Andrya has a passion for teaching others empowering tools and techniques for navigating through challenging times.  With knowledge and the right tools we can all transcend the darkness and move into the light, easing the difficult times.  If you are interested in exploring the world of energy healing check out the schedule at NTouch for her upcoming classes.

Healing Modalities – Therapeutic massage  -  Hypnotherapy  -  Reiki -           Intuitive Energywork  -  Pranic healing  -  Spiritual dowsing  -  Chakra balancing  -Guided imagery  -  Deep tissue massage   Neuromuscular Release Therapy – Energy Light Facial Rejuvenation  -  Flower Essence therapy   Past Life  Regression Therapy

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