Hope Spray

    This spray is to be used when you are feeling discouraged and hopeless about your life.

    Using this spray 4 or more times a day, along with the affirmation which may help to:
      - lift the weight of despair
      - give you courage to carry on
      - to give you a more hopeful outlook on life


    Energize Spray

    Use this spray when you feel mentally and/or physically sluggish or lethargic. This blend

    of essential oils and flower essences in this spray, along with stating the affirmation,

    may help you to experience:
      - greater mental alertness
      - to feel awake and energized
      - boost your energy level


Transformational Flower Essence Sprays

   Calm Spray

    This spray is beneficial for releasing the inner storm of emotional and mental stress. Use

    this spray 4 or more times a day, along with stating the affirmation on the label, to assist               

    - easing your emotional stress      

    - releasing tension in your body      

    - calming the mind


   Confidence Spray

    Use this spray when you are doubting yourself and your abilities. Using this spray 4 or 

    more times a day during times of self-doubt, in conjunction with the affirmation,

    it may help you to:
      - feel more self-confident
      - expect success
      - have more confidence in expressing yourself


      Room Clearing Spray

  The essential oils and flower essences within this spray will help to bring peace and harmony within a

  space. As you mist this spray around your room or home, state one of the affirmations below. This will

  affirm your intention for uplifting the energies within your space and will also help to:

      - create a sense of peace and tranquility within the space
      - uplift the heavy, depressive energies
      - allow more love and joy into the area
      - releases the negative energies


Intuitive Healer